Vinn weekend 2018

vinn weekend 2018

Tony's decades of volunteer efforts with the Hurricane Watch Net have won him the title of Honorary Member of the Net and presentkort till företag the distinction of being the first non-manager to be given that honor.
And if youre over 21 and youre in the county, if you pay for 2 years membership to the club, well also give you a radio, if you pass your test, or an upgrade.
Willi DJ7RJ is operating as 3B8/DJ7RJ from Mauritius until the 6th of December on all HF bands, from 160 to 10 meters.
Amateur Radio Newsline's Skeeter Nash N5ASH has those details.Walter Cronkite's birthday came up high on the list kampanjkod sj sommar he found.Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2037, Friday, November 11, 2016.It is open year-round with 40,000 visitors a year and has been in operation for over half a century.Here are the details from Amateur Radio Newsline's Jim Damron N8TMW.The cosmonaut uses the on-board radio and contacts a professor in Cuba for help.
The professor, in turn, reaches out to a journalist in the.S.
Jim Wilson, K5ND, will be doing further analysis on the data and will be working on a finalized report for publication which should available within a month.
Our memberships pretty good, and weve got pretty good participation in our meetings; we have a few young people, but wed like to see a few more.
Amateur Radio Newsline Report Number 2037 with a release date of Friday, November 11 2016 to follow.
Heather: Warmer relations between the.S.
Please send emails to our address.
Jim called that day the highlight of the event as 15 or so club members worked from the super station of Jerry WB9Z and Val NV9L in Crescent City, Illinois, and had a potluck lunch that gave them strength to handle the pileups.AL katz: It has virtually no effect.The sota community has rallied behind him.The next time will likely be for real!There's even talk now of an Australia to North America Summit-to-Summit event, that would then complete the circle around the World by Summits on the Air!He said in a recent email to Amateur Radio Newsline" "I hope to get an OD5 very soon." en" Amateur Radio Newsline will be waiting with him for the results - and we look forward to working the new licensees.For more information on K2BSA and radio scouting, please visit t/.The reason that people aren't as interested in it, of course, is that you can regularly work long distances all the time and the advantage of getting these weak signals off the moon - and they're still weak signals, even at 15 meters - even.For Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Bobby Best WX4ALA (hurricane watch NET, arrl) * monk apollo back ON mount athos paul/anchor: We have updated word on a monk who is one of the world's more popular DXers.Skeeter: Thats Les Butler W8MSP, Technical Director for the Livingston County Amateur Radio Klub, or lark.

Here's Amateur Radio Newsline's Jeremy Boot G4NJH.